National Data Cyberinfrastructure

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National Data Cyberinfrastructure (NDC)

Initially the NDC will be composed of large disc+tape systems at SFU and Waterloo.

Type Location Initial Capacity Availability Comments
Project space


10 PB at SFU and 13 PB at Waterloo. Space in Toronto to be confirmed.

(as of June 30, 2017)

  • Mounted on the site's cluster (login and compute nodes)
  • Backed up to tape
  • Allocated through the RAC
  • Persistent
Nearline space
(Long-term Tape)

SFU and Waterloo

  • NDC-Waterloo
30 PB each Tape systems in production
User interface late 2017
  • Basic tape archive systems are in service, but the "nearline" automation is still in preparation.
    • Nearline RAC 2017 awards are being allocated to /project on demand. Send request to technical support.
  • Files moved to a "nearline" disc-cache location will be automatically moved to tape.
  • Tape copies will be replicated between SFU and Waterloo sites.
  • Allocated through the RAC
  • Restores will be made upon request to technical support.
  • Persistent
Object Store

All sites

  • including UVic and Toronto in the future
  • NDC-Object

Small to start
(A few PB usable)

Late 2017

DDN's "WOS" product has been purchased by the Compute Canada consortia, and is being deployed. Full implementation and access details are not available yet. Expectations include:

  • Fully distributed, redundant storage pools
  • Accessible anywhere (based on access control choices)
  • Allows for redundant, high availability architectures
  • S3 is planned. Swift and other access interfaces are being investigated but there is no timeline or guarantee these will be put into production.
  • This is a new service aimed at experimental and observational data
  • Allocated through the RAC
Special Purpose various ~3.5 PB Customized plans
  • Special purpose for major projects.
  • dCache and other customized configurations
  • Allocated by RAC.

Note that due to Silo decommissioning it has been necessary to provide interim storage while the NDC is developed.