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Abaqus FEA is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering.

Using your own license[edit]

Abaqus is available on Compute Canada clusters, but you must provide your own license. Create in your account a file named $HOME/.licenses/abaqus.lic containing this single line:

File : abaqus.lic

prepend_path("LM_LICENSE_FILE","port@server", ";")

...replacing port@server with the port number and name of your Abaqus license server.

Your license server must be reachable by our compute nodes, so your firewall will need to be configured appropriately. This usually requires our technical team to get in touch with the technical people managing your license software. Please contact our technical support and we will provide a list of IP addresses used by our clusters and obtain the information we need on the port and IP address of your server.

Submission script[edit]

Below is an example submission script for a small Abaqus Explicit job running on four cores:

File : file.txt

#SBATCH --time=1-00:00
#SBATCH --mem=2500M
#SBATCH --cpus-per-task=4
module load abaqus/6.14.1
export MPI_IC_ORDER='tcp'

abaqus job=Job-SBS-ALU-EXPLICIT-01 input=2018-04-14-SBS-ALUMINUM-EXPLICIT-01.inp memory="2 gb" scratch=$SCRATCH cpus=4 interactive

Abaqus command line options[edit]

You can get a list of Abaqus' command line options with abaqus -help. There are a lot of options, so you may wish to pipe the output into a pagination program, e.g.:

[name@gra-vdi4]$ abaqus -help | less

Using the graphical interface[edit]

Sharcnet License[edit]

The small but free Sharcnet license can be used by any Compute Canada member on SHARCNET hardware only. This includes gra-vdi for running Abaqus interactively and Graham cluster for submitting batch jobs.

Running CAE GUI on a viz or VDI workstation[edit]

To connect, we recommend installing the TigerVNC client on your desktop, as described in VNC. To run Abaqus interactively in GUI mode use gra-vdi.computecanada.ca. As gra-vdi is located at the University of Waterloo, the UWO license cannot be used.

  1. Connect to gra-vdi.computecanada.ca with TigerVNC
  2. module load StdEnv
  3. module load abaqus/2019-sn
  4. abaqus cae

Message Passing Interface