Arbutus West Cloud Upgrade

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The Arbutus team would like to take this opportunity to inform all our cloud users of our upcoming upgrade this summer/fall. This upgrade will be providing two major initiatives, first, we will be expanding our cloud to provide additional storage, compute and network capacity to meet the increasing needs of our users. The second initiative will be a change to the OpenStack architecture, deployment method and monitoring and alerting. Leveraging the knowledge we have gained from running OpenStack over the last 4 years, we are updating the architecture and our processes to create a more robust solution. This change will provide greatly increased stability and scalability in our cloud infrastructure and allow us to deploy some new services over the next year.

This upgrade will not be a seamless transition from our current deployment at, and instead it will require a migration process to a new cloud service named Details on the migration process will be added to this wiki document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the new service be ready?

A: The new service is available now, you will be contacted once your project has been created to begin the migration process. If you would prefer to start right away, please send a request to cloud support.

Q: How long do we have to migrate our data/instances?

A: We will disable access and shutdown instances on West cloud on February 4 2019 at 11:00am PST.

Q: How do I migrate my instances?

A: Below are the high-level steps. For detailed instructions, please consult the Arbutus Migration Guide.

  1. Login to the new cloud dashboard (or CLI environment)
  2. Copy over any Glance images or start from a fresh base image
  3. Install/configure services
  4. Migrate data from the old instance
  5. Update DNS (IP Name/IP Address)
  6. Decommission old instances and delete any volumes
  7. Send an email to cloud support and notify them your project on West cloud can be deleted

Q: What if I am having an issue?

A: We are here to help with this process, please reach out to cloud support