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Before you can start using CPMD, you have to register and accept the CPMD license terms and then send us a support request stating that you have in fact registered and accepted CPMD license terms. Afterwards, we will get in touch with the CPMD admins to confirm your registration, and then will grant you access to the CPMD software.

It has been our experience, however, lately that a response from CPMD admins can take weeks or even months. If you are a registered CPMD user, you will have access to the CPMD source files, and therefore can build the software yourself in your home directory using our software build environment called EasyBuild with the exact same recipe that we would use for a central installation.

Below are instructions on how to build CPMD 4.3:

Create a local directory, first, like so

$ mkdir -p ~/.local/easybuild/sources/c/CPMD

Place all the CPMD source tarballs and patches into that directory

$ ls -al ~/.local/easybuild/sources/c/CPMD

Then run the EasyBuild command

$ eb CPMD-4.3-iomkl-2016.4.11.eb --rebuild

The --rebuild option forces EasyBuild to ignore CPMD 4.3 installed in a central location and proceed instead with the installation into your home directory.

Once the software is installed, log out and log back in.

Now, when you type module load cpmd, the software installed into your home dir will get picked up.

$ module load cpmd
$ which cpmd.x

You can use it now as usual in your submission script.

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