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Comet is a "meta machine learning platform" designed to help AI practitioners and teams build reliable machine learning models for real-world applications by streamlining the machine learning model lifecycle. By using Comet, users can track, compare, explain and reproduce their machine learning experiments. Comet can also greatly accelerate hyperparameter search, by providing a module for the Bayesian exploration of hyperparameter space.

Using Comet on Compute Canada clusters


Since it requires an internet connection, Comet has restricted availability on compute nodes, depending on the cluster:

Cluster Availability Note
Béluga Yes ✅ Comet can be used after loading the httpproxy module: module load httpproxy
Cedar Yes ✅ Internet access is enabled
Graham No ❌ Internet access is disabled on compute nodes. Workaround: Comet OfflineExperiment

Best practices

  • Avoid logging metrics (e.g. loss, accuracy) at a high frequency. This can cause Comet to throttle your experiment, which can make your job duration harder to predict. As a rule of thumb, please log metrics (or request new hyperparameters) at an interval >= 10 minutes.