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Compute Canada policy.

CC Policies

  1. Policy Definitions
  2. Terms of Use
  3. Access Policy
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Security Policy
  6. Information Security Management System Policy
  7. Resource Allocation Competition General Policy (Draft)
  8. Scratch_purging_policy

Useful Links


  1. Compute Canada Website
  2. CCDB
  3. Compute Canada Technical Glossary

Account Management

  1. Applying for an Account
  2. Renewing an account
  3. Creating a cloud account

Access to Compute Canada Resources

  1. Access Resources (default, RAS, RAC)
  2. Resource Allocation Competition
  3. Canadian Common CV (CCV) Submission Guide
  4. Acknowledging Compute Canada

Technical Support and Documentation

  1. Technical Support Overview
  2. Regional Partners
  3. Technical Documentation (docs.computecanada.ca)

Rapid Access Service

Resource Allocation Competition