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spaCy is a Python package that provides industrial-strength natural language processing.


Latest available wheels

To see the latest version of spaCy that we have built:

[name@server ~]$ avail_wheels spacy thinc thinc_gpu_ops

For more information on listing wheels, see listing available wheels.


The preferred option is to install it using the python wheel that we compile, as follows:

1. Load python 3.6 module: python/3.6
2. Create and activate a virtual environment.
3. Install spaCy in the virtual environment with pip install. For both GPU and CPU support:
(venv) [name@server ~] pip install spacy[cuda] --no-index
If you only need CPU support:
(venv) [name@server ~] pip install spacy --no-index

GPU version: At the present time, in order to use the GPU version you need to add the CUDA libraries to LD_LIBRARY_PATH:

  (venv) [name@server ~] module load gcc/5.4.0 cuda/9
  (venv) [name@server ~] export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$CUDA_HOME/lib64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

If you want to use the Pytorch wrapper with thinc, you'll also need to install the torch_cpu or torch_gpu wheel.