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Add a section about re-sizing volumes, mention alternatives, e.g. ZFS +zpools+adding new volumes

Chris Geroux (talk) 17:37, 17 December 2018 (UTC)

link titleThis page states:

It allows the creation and management of virtual machines ("VMs", or "instances"), which act like separate individual machines, by emulation in software.

I think that saying this is emulation really downplays the technology behind this nowadays you would be hugely wasteful to emulate AMD64. Virtualization is better as a term but if you are concerned about circular logic with that you can say "virtualization, similar to emulation but using hardware acceleration." Edit: The reason I point this out is I don't want users believing that virtualization is inherently slow (or has performance ramifications), such is the case in emulation (in general). --Brad Kennedy (talk) 17:08, 21 July 2017 (UTC)

TODO: add a section about uploading images (note, very important to specify image format)

CERN docs on OpenStack, might be helpful
Add a section about CloudInit? Want some clarity about the differences between an image, a snapshot, and a bootable volume, as well as "Boot from image (creates new volume)" and "Boot from volume snapshot (creates new volume)".

Note about cloud init, if you are dynamically creating your cloud init file, say through heat, then you can see the result that the particular VM sees by going to:

[name@server ~]$  curl -s

from the particular VM in question.

traduction ː 2018-04-15, cross-pollination between OpenStack, Creating a VM under Linux, Creating a VM under Windows / need to review comments from ChrisGeroux on Slack