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Ask support

Before writing to us, consider checking first on the system status page and the Known issues page to see if the problem you're experiencing has already been reported. If you can't find the information you need on this wiki, send email to the address below that you think best matches your need.

Please do not send a new support request as a follow-up on an old email thread. Instead, start a brand new one to avoid re-opening an old ticket.

Information required

We are asking you to register all email addresses you use to communicate with Compute Canada in your CCDB account. You can add multiple secondary email addresses at

To help us help you better, please include the following information in your support request:

  • Your full name
  • Compute Canada username
  • University or institution
  • Cluster name
  • Scheduler Job ID
  • Provide your job submission script (copy and paste, or attach)
  • Provide your complete output files where you see errors (copy and paste, or attach)
  • Provide commands that you were executing
  • Avoid sending screenshots or other large image attachments except when necessary - the plain text of your commands, job script etc. is usually more helpful
  • Identify the software (including the version) you were trying to use
  • Please write clearly. Adhering to a formal writing style, following grammar rules, capitalizing properly, and dividing text into paragraphs makes it easier for us to understand your question.
  • If you want us to access, copy or edit your files, or inspect your account and possibly make changes there, say so explicitly in your email. For example, instead of attaching files to an email, you may indicate where they are located in your account and give us permission to access them. If you have already granted us permission via the CCDB interface to access your files, then you do not need to do it again in your support request.

Things to beware

  • Never send a password!
  • Maximum attachment size is 40 MB.

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