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Before you start

  1. Have a cloud project
    You cannot access a cloud without first having a cloud project. If you don't already have a cloud project, see Getting a cloud project. Once a cloud project is associated with your account, you will receive a confirmation email which will have important details you will need to access your project and get started with the cloud. Make sure you have this confirmation email ready.
  2. Have a compatible browser
    The web interface for accessing your cloud project works well with both the Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Other browsers may work also, however some have shown the error message Danger: There was an error submitting the form. Please try again. which suggests that your browser is not supported by our system. This error message was noticed with certain versions of the Safari web browser on Macs; upgrading Safari may help, but we recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome. If you are still having issues, email cloud support.