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  • Details tab
    • Availability Zone: There is only one zone; do not change its name.
    • Instance Name: Enter a name for your virtual machine. For details on naming rules see restrictions on valid host names.
    • Flavor: The flavor defines virtual machine hardware specifications; choose the 'p2-3gb' flavor.

      The Windows image is quite large and requires a large bootable drive. C-flavors, as described here, only have root drives of 20 GB, choosing a "p" flavor allows for larger root volumes. The smallest "p" flavor has 1.5 GB of RAM and from experience this is too little to run Windows well. Choosing a slightly larger flavor, such as "p2-3gb", improves the performance of the VM.

    • Instance Count: Number of virtual machines to create.
    • Instance Boot Source: What source should be used to boot the VM; choose Boot from Image (creates new volume).
    • Image Name: select the Windows image name you were provided.
    • Device Size: The size of the root drive; enter 30GB or more.

      The final operating system occupies approximately 20 GB of space, though more is needed during setup.

    • Delete on Terminate: If this box is checked the volume that is created with the VM will be deleted when the VM is terminated.

      It is generally recommended not to check this box as the volume can be deleted manually if desired and allows the VM to be terminated without deleting the volume.

    • Project Limits: The green bars reflect the fraction of your available resources that will be consumed by the VM you are about to launch. If the bars become red, the flavor chosen will consume more resources than your project has available. Blue bars indicate any existing resources your project may be using.
  • Access & Security tab
    • Key pair: Select your SSH key pair.

      If you have only one, it is selected by default. If you do not have a key pair, please see above.

    • Security Groups: Ensure the default security group is checked.
  • Networking tab: Do not change this now. Networking will be discussed later, after you have launched a virtual machine.

  • Post-Creation tab: Do not change this now.
  • Advanced Options tab: Leave Disk Partition on Automatic for now.