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Using cloud resources such as storage, compute and network, researchers can create cloud instances (also known as Virtual machines or VMs). There are two options available for Compute Canada cloud resources:

  • Compute cloud: These are instances that have a limited life-time (wall-time) and typically have constant high-CPU requirements. They are sometimes referred to as ‘batch’ instances. Users may need a large number of compute instances for production activities. Maximum wall-time for compute instances is one month. Upon reaching their life-time limit these instances will be scheduled for deactivation and their owners will be notified in order to ensure they clean up their instances and download any required data. Any grace period is subject to resources availability at that time.
  • Persistent cloud: These are instances that are meant to run indefinitely and would include web servers, database servers, etc. In general, these instances provide a persistent service and use less CPU power than compute instances.
  • vGPU: Arbutus currently offers V100 GPUs in a single flavor (g1-8gb-c4-22gb). This flavor has 8GB GPU memory, 4 vCPUs and 22GB of memory. In the future, alternative GPU flavors will be available; researcher feedback on useful resource combinations for those new flavors is welcomed. For more information on setting up your VM to use vGPUs, consult the following document: Using cloud vGPUs.