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  1. You need to specifically apply for a cloud project in order to log in to our cloud service. If you have not applied for and been granted a cloud project you will not be able to log in, you will get the error message “Invalid Credentials”. You can apply for a cloud project here: CC cloud project and RAS request form
  2. Once you have applied for a cloud project it can take a few days for your request to be approved. When it is approved you will receive an email with important information for accessing your project. If you have not received this confirmation email, but more than 3 business days have passed since you submitted your request, submit a ticket to with your name, institution and the email address you used to submit the request.
  3. Make sure you are logging into the correct cloud. Your confirmation email will tell you which cloud is hosting your project. Login links for the different clouds can be found on the Cloud Wiki page in the section “Using the Cloud”.
  4. If you have a confirmed cloud project and are unable to log in, check the System status page to see if there is an incident affecting service on your cloud.
  5. Make sure you are using the correct username. You need to use your Compute Canada username, the same as you would use to log in to an HPC cluster. Do not use your email address. Test logging in at this link to see whether it is an issue with your username or password.
  6. If your password is rejected, reset it by visiting this link.
  7. If you have followed these steps and still can’t log in to your cloud project, it's time to submit a ticket. Email with your username, project name, and which cloud you are trying to access. Please also describe the steps you've taken so far.