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The procedure

To create a Windows VM the basic steps are as follows:

  • Click Launch Instance as usual
  • Select the Instance Boot Source, should be either Boot form image or Boot from image (creates a new volume)
  • Select the Windows image you have been given access to. Note there maybe other Windows images available on the clouds which were not provided by CC staff, use with caution.
  • If booting from a volume choose a Device size of 30 GB or more
  • Select a public key to use for encrypting the password (see notes about key pairs to ensure your key pair will work)
  • Set any other usual settings for your VM (e.g. flavor, security group, etc.) and click Launch
  • Associate a floating IP with the VM
  • Wait for the volume creation to finish and the VM to start running
  • On initial boot there are additional localization settings that need to be set through the Console tab
  • Wait for reboot to complete, will see a line containing INFO cloudbaseinit.init [-] Stopping Cloudbase-Init service on the log tab once reboot has completed
  • Retrieve the password form the VM using your private key
  • Open the port for Remote Desktop Connection (RDC, port 3389) allowing only the IP of the machine your connecting from
  • Connect to the VM using Remote Desktop Connection with the provided username, and your decrypted password