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Normal termination of Gaussian

Normally Gaussian will terminate with a line such as

 Job cpu time:       0 days  0 hours 26 minutes 18.3 seconds.
 Elapsed time:       0 days  0 hours  6 minutes 43.3 seconds.
 Normal termination of Gaussian 16 at Tue Nov 14 15:31:56 2017.

If a job does not end with these lines and no other error message is produced, it usually means thatː

  • your disk quota was exceeded (see File quotas and policies);
  • the job exceeded the time requested from the scheduler (--time=HH:MM:SS);
  • the job exceeded the memory requested (--mem=) (see Monitoring jobs); or
  • the job produced more data that can fill up the local disk on the compute node.