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Default security group

Default Security Group Rules (Click for larger image)

The default security group contains rules which allow a VM access out to the internet, for example to download operating system upgrades or package installations, but does not allow another machine to access it, except for other VMs belonging to the same default security group. We recommend you do not remove rules from the default security group as this may cause problems when creating new VMs. The image on the right shows the default security group rules that should be present:

  • 2 Egress rules to allow your instance to access an outside network without any limitation; there is one rule for IPV4 and one for IPV6.
  • 2 Ingress rules to allow communication for all the VMs that belong to that security group, for both IPV4 and IPV6.

It is safe to add rules to the default security group and you may recall that we did this in Cloud Quick Start by either adding security rules for SSH or RDP to your default security group so that you could connect to your VM.