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Specifying a CloudInit File

  1. Start as normal when launching an instance, by clicking Launch-Instance-Button-Kilo.png under Project->Compute->Instances and specifying your VM's configuration as described in Launching a VM.
  2. Before clicking Launch, select the Post-Creation tab and specify your Customization Script Source, in this case a CloudInit YAML file, by either copying and pasting into a text box (Direct Input method) or uploading from a file from your desktop computer (File method). Older versions of OpenStack, in particular IceHouse, only provide a text box to copy and past your CloudInit file into.
  3. Once the usual selections for your VM, as described in Launching a VM, have been made and the CloudInit YAML file is included, click Launch to create the VM. It may take some time for CloudInit to complete depending on what has been specified in the CloudInit YAML file.