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IPv6 in Arbutus Cloud

IPv6 Link-Local (LLA) and Global Unicast (GUA) addresses are generally available within the Arbutus Cloud environment. GUA can be set up via a separate interface, which in turn also handles only the IPv6 traffic. Addresses are being setup using Stateless Address Auto Configarion (SLAAC), which automatically sets up the IP on the VM interface. By default, the security group rules will allow all outbound traffic from the VM via the IPv6 GUA, but no traffic that originates from outside the VM will be allowed until specific security group rules have been defined. This is the same behaviour as IPv4.

Example configuration

Login into the dashboard and go to the Instances menu, click on Attach Interface, which will open a dialog. Use VLAN 3352 (2607:f8f0:c11:7004::/64) from the network menu and click on attach.

The shown IPv6 address is now available and can be used until the interface is detached. Every time the interface is detached, the GUA is being released and put back into the pool and thus, can be used by anyone else. Rebuilding or restarting the VM however, will not release the GUA.

Access from any IPv6 GUA can be granted via the Security Groups in openstack, the only difference is the CIDR which automatically detects the address type.

Allow icmp from any IPv6 GUA