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Shared issues

Scheduler issues

  • The CC Slurm configuration encourages whole-node jobs. When appropriate, users should request whole-node rather than per-core resources. See Job Scheduling - Whole Node Scheduling.
  • By default, the job receives environment settings from the submitting shell. This can lead to irreproducible results if it's not what you expect. To force the job to run with a fresh-like login environment, you can submit with --export=none or add #SBATCH --export=NONE to your job script.

Quota and filesystem problems

Quota errors on /project filesystem

Some users have seen "Disk quota exceeded" or some similar quota error on their project folders. This may happen when files are owned by a group other than the project group. You can change the group which owns files using the command

[name@server $] chgrp -R <group> <folder>

If the project directories are configured as intended, new files and directories created in them will automatically assume the project group ownership. One of the ways in which an unexpected group ownership can occur is transferring files to the project directories using a program option to preserve group ownership. So, if you have a recurring problem with ownership, check the options being used by your file transfer program.

To see what the value of <group> should be, run the following command:

[name@server $] stat -c %G $HOME/projects/*/

Only the owner of the files can run the chgrp command. To ask us to correct the group owner for many users, write to CC support.


Missing symbolic links to project folders

Cedar only

Nothing to report at this time.

Graham only

  • /home is on an NFS appliance that does not support ACLs, so setfacl/getfacl doesn't work there.
    • Workaround: use the /project or /scratch filesystems instead.
    • Might be resolved by an update or reconfiguration.
  • diskusage_report (and alias 'quota') do not report on Graham /home
    • Workaround: 'du -sh ~' shows usage; quota limit is 50G.
  • Compute nodes cannot access Internet
    • Solution: Request exceptions to be made at CC support describing what you need to access and why.
  • Crontab is not offered on Graham.

Other issues

  1. Modules don't work for shells other than bash(sh) and tcsh.
    • Workaround: (this appears to work but not tested extensively)
      • source $LMOD_PKG/init/zsh
      • source $LMOD_PKG/init/ksh