Data backup and restoration

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Some important numbers include the maximum number of file changes everyday by a user are needed to prevent users individual backups from becoming bottlenecks for the whole backup processes.

TSM /project backup

  • The most recent version is always kept
  • Number of inactive versions of files to be kept : 1 (2nd copy)
  • Time to keep inactive versions : 60 days
  • Number of deleted versions to be kept : 1
  • Time to keep deleted versions : 60 days
  • Maximum number of file changes per day by every project : 50k files

TSM /project archival

  • Default archival allocation per project : 10 TB
  • Maximum time to keep archive : 1 year
  • Maximum number of files to be archived : 50k files
  • Number of copies of archived files to keep : 1

TSM /project restore

  • Maximum number of files to be restored per project per day : 50k files
  • Maximum restore size per day : 10TB